Tips to protect your home from wildfires through landscaping

BOISE, Idaho – As we enter forest fire season, knowing how to keep your home safe is important and one way to do it is landscaping and landscaping.

Excessive heat means everything from fireworks to dry grass is a forest fire hazard, so the vegetation around your home is important. Experts say that even homes miles away from potential forest fire areas like the foothills are still at risk.

One way to reduce the risk is to plant refractory or fire resistant plants.

Idaho Firewise

“We have a lot of perennials here in the far west that are great that you can use. Dianthus, they smell like carnations, they are great. Low growing so you don’t have ladder fuels that love to fly into trees and set roofs on fire, ”said Bonnie Belcher, FarWest Plant Consultant.

Some other examples of fire flowers are the evening primrose, penstemon, and hardy ice plants. The bottom line with Firewise plants, however, is to choose low-growing plants that are high in moisture.

Belcher adds, “It doesn’t have to be a desert-like plant, you can get lots of green.”

Another fire engineering step is pruning branches two to three meters above the ground and removing shrubs from under the trees as these can serve as ladder fuels. It is also important to group a small number of plants into separate clusters.

Boise Fire Station # 1 Firewise demonstration

Anna Azallion

An example of fire retardant landscaping is in front of Boise Fire Station No. 1. Another example is in the Botanical Garden.

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