Toledoans protest plans for landscaping company location

TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG) – Community members gathered Monday to protest plans for a landscaping and recycling company to move into a room on Byrne Road.

Nearby business owners are concerned about the odor and dust that Cleanwood recycling could create as it works with soil, mulch, and composting. Cleanwood Recycling, currently on Bancroft, is addressing these issues.

The possible move results from the construction of the I-475 interchange on Dorr Street. Michael Kott, the owner of Cleanwood Recycling, told 13abc last month he wasn’t sure he wanted to relocate because he liked the transportation hub location.

“I’m pretty comfortable here, but part of the payback on the exchange was the economic development here with us,” said Kott. “We have a hard time not wanting to sell and see the success of the Dorr Street Exchange come true.”

Protesters included representatives from the Toledo Community Solidarity Response Network, the local chapter of Black Lives Matter. Brothers. Washington Muhammad said the demonstration was about finding answers about the landscaping company’s location and raising concerns about the future of Conrad’s car wash.

β€œConrad’s car wash is at risk of closure after more than 53 years of service due to Cleanwood Recycling and an attempt to close the land around the popular long-running car wash, the neighborhood, and the potential serious health concerns it could cause . “Brother. Washington Muhammad said in a statement.

Toledo City Council heard complaints from nearby business owners on its zoning and planning committee last week. Council Chairman Matt Cherry said there was a lot of opposition and sent the matter to the entire council without making a recommendation. The entire city council will deal with the issue on Tuesday.

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