Top 5 Landscaping Features that Increase Home Value

Some encouraging news for home builders these days: The US Census Bureau shows home ownership is rising again at around 65%, albeit still well below its 2005 high. And while location matters, it’s landscaping – or that The lack of it – catches the eye of the buyer. The following top landscaping properties can add value to your home.


1. Thick, green lawn

The lawn is the emerald of the crown that surrounds the house. A well-designed and manicured landscape with the right lawn can add 9 to 20% to property value. A lush lawn is not only aesthetically pleasing, it also absorbs noise and reduces glare. Thick, green grass ranks second after a renovated kitchen when it comes to what homebuyers are looking for. the expectation is that it will improve their quality of life.

2. shade trees

Shade trees also add value to a home, keeping the home cooler in the summer, and providing shelter from the wind in the winter and lowering utility bills.

Shade trees increase the attractiveness of a home for homebuyers

3. Hardscaping

Hardscapes are the inanimate elements in a landscape that complement the green. Fountains, benches, and statues may suit your tastes, but they generally don’t recoup the money you spent showing off a property. Instead, build a retaining wall if the house is on a hill. Stacked stone offers more value than railroad ties. It looks great and can help prevent foundation problems. The most popular hardscape feature right now is the walkway to the house. Using interesting paving stones or cobblestones makes curbs more attractive than poured concrete and gives the house a neat look. Adding privacy fencing around the back yard also adds value to the home.

Paved patio area with parasol and seating

4. Multipurpose areas

Create multi-purpose areas in the garden through thoughtful planting and hardscaping. Homebuyers want a space to relax and entertain. Terraces are so popular that they are sometimes referred to as “extra rooms”. But don’t get carried away with the expenses: the ROI of a simple cobblestone terrace is higher than that of all the trimmings. Outdoor kitchens are a great feature, but only for a buyer who wants to spend a lot of time outdoors. Use shrubs and flowers to separate the garden for a pet area or children’s playground. If there is a pool use plants to showcase that area too.

Multipurpose outdoor spaces help add appeal to homebuyers

5. Native plants / eco-landscaping

Using native plants and flowers is a great way to add value to real estate by adding beauty without a lot of time and effort. Today’s homeowner is looking for an easy-care garden. Native plants have already adapted to the climate and don’t need a lot of water. As a result, they absorb less moisture from the ground and put less strain on the foundation. It can also lead to lower water bills. Native plants attract beneficial insects (pollinators), reduce pollution, and help prevent erosion.

Native plants in the garden of Utah HousePhoto: Wikimedia Common / Whitneyfullmer (CC by 4.0 Share Alike 4.0 International)

As more homebuyers seek to incorporate the outdoors into their daily lives, landscaping will climb even higher on their home improvement and wish lists for their new home.

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