Town of Wrentham Thanks League School of Greater Boston Students for Landscaping Efforts

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  • League School of Greater Boston students and staff were recently awarded letters of appreciation by the City of Wrentham for their efforts to beautify the city through a variety of landscaping efforts. (Courtesy photo of Wrentham City)
  • Wrentham Selectman Joe Botaish presented League School students with certificates of appreciation during a ceremony in Walpole. (Courtesy photo of Wrentham City)

WRENTHAM – City Administrator Kevin Sweet is pleased to announce that the City of Wrentham has recently presented the Walpole-based League School of Greater Boston with certificates of appreciation.

The certificates were presented to the League School, including several students in the vocational training program, for their ongoing landscaping work around Wrentham town center.

“Wrentham is very fortunate to work with the school and these exceptional professional students,” said Wrentham selection director Joe Botaish, who presented each student with a certificate of appreciation during a ceremony in Walpole. “Your efforts are having a big impact and residents are becoming aware of it.”

Through their vocational training program led by Job Coach Selena Zubrowski, League School students have worked to beautify Town Common, Sweatt Park and other prominent areas in Wrentham. Efforts included watering new trees, weeding, spreading mulch and manuring.

“We planted lots of new trees and flowers downtown this year and the kids helped every step of the way,” said Rebecca Zitomer, Chair of the Wrentham Landscape Committee. “We are fortunate to have Ms. Zubrowski and her students as part of our joint community effort.”

The league school’s vocational training department focuses on a wide variety of activities for students aged 12 and over.

“We’re always looking for ways to improve our community and improve the lives of our residents, and the work of these talented students certainly has,” said City Administrator Sweet. “On behalf of the entire city, I would like to thank the league school and everyone who was involved in the landscaping project for their hard work.”

You can find more information on the league school’s vocational training program here.


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