TREE REMOVAL: Here’s what you should know before hiring a Colorado landscaping company

DENVER (KDVR) – Due to recent storms and spring weather, many homeowners are hiring landscapers to remove dangerous trees and beautify lawns. Consumer protection experts tell FOX31 problem solvers that it is important to choose a landscaping company carefully before signing a contract.

Dottie tells FOX31 that she hired a landscaping contractor to remove the trees, but after paying the total of approximately $ 6,000, she said the stumps will remain on the property.

“He told me he would come back in the spring and finish the job,” she said.

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Dottie showed FOX31 a contract that said the stumps should be sanded six to ten inches below the surface of the earth.

She is considering taking her case to a small claims court, where the limit is $ 7,500.

The problem solvers asked lawyer Bryan Kuhn about the rights of homeowners. He told FOX31 Dottie, “could absolutely sue for breach of contract.”

Kuhn declares that contracts are binding.

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“There is a misconception among the general public that a contract has to be some kind of lengthy formal document. Nothing could be further from the truth … there are cases where there are napkin contracts (involved), ”he said.

Consumer protection experts urge FOX31 not to prepay the entire cost of services, always check references and get a referral, and report complaints to the Better Business Bureau.

The problem solvers contacted the landscaper several times, but we haven’t received an answer yet.

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