UK Landscaping Company Seeking Minecraft Players Gets Tons of Applications from Kids

A UK company is still looking for a virtual landscaper for Minecraft but has not been able to identify the game’s primary population.

Mojang’s title Minecraft has broken multiple records for being the most popular title in video game industry history. The title is enjoyed by children and adults alike, giving players near-unprecedented freedom to do whatever they want with it, including creating the near-infinite virtual world. A UK landscaping company wants to take advantage of this but could have bitten off more than it could chew.

The idea is unique: a landscaping company called WhatShed would like to offer Minecraft professional gardening and landscaping advice and expand the company’s reach into the virtual realm. While many gamers watch YouTube videos for inspiration, or maybe peruse a wiki or two, the company relies on gamers who just want to get design deals. The price seems high: WhatShed offers “starting at £ 50 an hour”. The unique idea only had one downside that WhatShed may not have considered.

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The job posting for the game caught the attention of hundreds of kids eager to convert the Minecraft experience into tangible money. Since then, dozens of comments have been added to the job posting, with kids bringing in their years of experience in the digital world and the occasional arguing with one another about who is the best landscaper. WhatShed only offers the completely removed position to applicants aged 20 and over. However, that hasn’t stopped the comments of eager children around the world.

Comments on the Minecraft Virtual Gardener application

The UK has laws on how old children can work, with a minimum age of fourteen. The tasks of the job advertisement include evaluating the scope of work and the customer’s wishes as well as offering several creative solutions for the customer and explaining the reasons for the concepts. Also, a justification of the cost needs to be included in the package being offered to customers, and this is where things could fall apart: How do you justify over $ 70 an hour for a virtual world?

As previously mentioned, while WhatShed is offering “over £ 50 an hour” for what many consider to be one of the joys of sandboxing, the number of players willing to offer that much cash is likely to be small not quite zero. It may seem extremely unlikely to have enough clients willing to pay for the at least one hour consultation for the position to make financial sense for WhatShed to continue to provide the service. The position that offers entertaining fodder is most likely a competition for backlinks and a minimum of attention. It just so happens that the entertainment is worth the effort.

Minecraft is available for mobile devices, PCs, PS4, switches, and Xbox One.

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Source: PCGamer, WhatShed

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