Update on Princeton’s sustainable landscaping project

As spring merges into summer and the sound of cicadas rivals the sound of traditional landscaping, seeds of hope have taken root in Princeton.

The change in the landscape: Healthy courtyards = healthy people / Cambiando el Paisaje: The Jardines Sanos = Gente Sana project was started in January and is making progress.

The project aims to encourage our community to adopt practices that protect the health of landscapers and the environment in such a way that racial justice is embedded in local decisions and partnerships are built between governments, sustainability groups and community-led frontline groups.

The most important achievements to date include:
– Multiple focus groups with landscapers in English and Spanish
– Meetings between landscapers and community leaders
– Start a campaign to educate residents to do their part

The Project Steering Committee, which includes the Princeton Environmental Commission, Unidad Latina en Acción NJ, the Latin American Legal Protection and Education Fund, Quiet Princeton, the Rutgers School of Public Health, the Rutgers Environmental Stewards Program, and several departments and commissions from the Princeton Township Human Services, the Board of Health and the Civil Rights Commission invite you to learn more about the project by reading the spring 2021 newsletter at sustainableprinceton.org/current-projects/.

Now what can you do to help?
– If you employ a landscaper, make sure they are wearing protective gear and register with the community.
– Start a conversation with your landscaper. The Sustainable Landscaping Conversation Toolbook can help: ustainableprinceton.org/current-projects/
– Help us learn about current landscaping practices by completing this survey: bit.ly/PtonSurvey

Changing deeply ingrained landscaping practices may be complex, but it’s not impossible when we work together for healthier people and healthier yards. We look forward to sharing further advances in the Summer 2021 August newsletter.

Steering Committee
Change the landscape

Submitted by Molly Jones


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