UT Austin community cares for campus cat after landscaping removes his home

AUSTIN, Texas – Staff at the University of Texas at Austin looked after the school’s house cat after landscapers removed his home.

The landscapers did not fill in the hole Dominoes used to go under the building and replaced his shelter and food bowl after the bushes were removed, reports The Daily Texan. The cat is currently in a new location but should be looking in the bushes shortly.

Carin Peterson, Senior Training and Outreach Coordinator for Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) said landscape services were aware of the cats on campus and asked their group to say so before doing anything to help the people around them take care to let the cats know the bushes would be removed.

Peterson told The Daily Texan that while EHS was working with Domino for the first time, the group had a history of keeping other animals safe on campus.

Landscape Services plans to replant the bushes when it gets cooler. Domino can then safely return home.

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