Utah County passes resolution to cut water usage at parks and on grounds and landscaping it maintains

Utah County is trying to conserve water by reducing irrigation water usage in county parks by an average of 40%, according to a resolution approved by the county commissioners on Wednesday.

The breakup comes a day after Governor Spencer Cox revealed a new order restricting how often government agencies can water their lawns. He urged cities and counties to also restrict their irrigation as the state faces a severe drought.

Under the Utah County’s resolution, parks will prioritize watering of trees and perennials over grass and annuals under the resolution. In the Spanish Fork River Park, for example, only trees are watered. Utah County is trying to reduce water use for the site and landscaping it maintains by 35%. The percentage of the discount will vary from site to site, as well as from park to park, depending on the decision.

Utah County’s Commissioner Bill Lee said in a press release that he is encouraging residents to do their part to conserve water by restricting lawn irrigation and limiting shower time.

“I think it is important that the government lead by example. So I directed our Utah County Public Works Department to study water reductions in parks and on the grounds of our county buildings, ”he said. “During this drought, we must all do what we can to protect our most precious natural resource.”

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