Utahns paid thousands to design water conserving landscaping

Utahns are receiving thousands of dollars for using water efficient landscaping.

The current historic drought has increased the demand for the Localscapes Rewards program. Water Conservation Garden Park in the Jordan Valley features model landscapes that show Utah residents how to design, build, and maintain a lawn specifically designed for Utah’s arid climate.

“67 percent of the water now used in a traditional landscape can be saved,” said Bart Forsyth, general manager of the Jordan Valley Water Conservancy District.

“We’re looking for ideas for landscaping. We are thinking about moving and do not want to use a lot of water when we move. Because there’s a desert everywhere, ”said Andrew Sudweek, who was visiting the garden.

But to save most of the water, some Utahners may need an extra boost. That’s what the Localscape Reward program is for. There is qualified Utahns cash for designing a yard specifically for Utah’s climate.

“This will help homeowners who want to upgrade and modify their garden. That will save water in the long run, ”said Forsyth.

Reward amounts vary, but typically a quarter acre lot is worth around $ 2,000.

When designing your lawn on site, you don’t have to remove all of your grass, just in places where it doesn’t make sense, such as in your back yards or parking lanes.

“If you only mow it once a week, you get the impression that it might not be the best place for it.”

The first step in designing your landscape is to find a central open shape for your front and back yard, in a meaningful and easy-to-water spot. Then design your meeting point, it should be a hardscape area like concrete or stones.

“I have a Utah landscape in my yard, my grandchildren love it. So we have enough space to play on the lawn,” he said.

The third step is to create activity zones. Eliminate grass in your yard, hot tub, basketball hoop, or playground. Next, connect everything with non-grass paths. Then add plants that don’t require much water and use only drip irrigation.

Forsyth said that qualifying Utahners can receive local rewards for a new landscaping or renovation. And no matter whether professionally or self-made.

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