Villager with Florida Friendly Landscaping admits he can’t keep up with yard

A Florida Friendly Landscaping villager admitted he cannot keep up with the work required to keep his expensive home in compliance with community standards.

Myers Hand appeared on Thursday afternoon during a public hearing at the Savannah Center before the Board of Directors of 10 Community Development District.

Myers Hand bought this home at 3610 Enterprise Drive for $ 671,900.

He bought the Premier home at 3610 Enterprise Drive for $ 671,900 in 2015.

“My wife and I enjoy the bees, birds and butterflies,” he said.

Hand said it was difficult to hire reliable landscapers. He blamed the growth of The Villages for the lack of available farm laborers.

At 81, he said it had become too difficult to take care of his garden himself.

“The biggest problem I have is the heat,” said Hand.

He said concerns about COVID-19 also hampered his ability to maintain the property.

This Florida Friendly Landscaping was the subject of a complaint at 3610 Enterprise DriveThis Florida Friendly Landscaping was the subject of a complaint at 3610 Enterprise Drive.

Next door neighbor Bruce Hacker said he was tired of the overgrown Florida Friendly Landscaping that has turned into a jungle. He said Hand’s attempt to blame COVID-19 was ridiculous.

“How do you get COVID to work in your garden? The yard is a mess. You won’t get COVID running in your yard by yourself, “Hacker said.

He noted that there had been previous complaints about the property by hand. He also alleged that Hand ran away with landscapers because he and his wife were so careful about their Florida Friendly Landscaping, most of which are behind the house.

Community Standards recommended that Hand be given 30 days to bring the property into compliance. The board agreed to an extension to 45 days.

Hand said he plans to reconcile the property, find another ward, and move out of The Villages.

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