Volunteers contribute to Eppson Center landscaping project | Local News

Volunteers and companies from around the community helped the Eppson Center for Seniors complete a beautification project along North Third Street this past weekend.

Over the course of about five hours, a dozen people cleared several inches of stone and dirt from a long neglected area between the sidewalk and the parking lot. Then they put weed control fabric, followed by wood shavings, and finally potted flowers.

“We were all filthy and filthy, but we did it,” said Sandi Brome, the Eppson Center’s evaluation coordinator.

She specifically thanked WyoTech for providing five student volunteers for much of the heavy lifting in addition to a volunteer group called Gardening Grandmas that she founded several years ago.

“These guys didn’t take much break,” she said. “You just kept working for us.”

The idea of ​​rehabilitating the route along Third Street had been germinating for some time. Brome said it was put on once, but then the sprinkler system stopped working and no further action was taken as it filled with weeds.

Brome hired several other Eppson Center staff to plant and care for flower pots, but that wasn’t enough to make a big difference.

“We bought pots, but they were sitting in all the trash and grass,” she said.

Last fall, the gardener grandmothers cleared the weeds and grass to bare earth, but Brome decided the place needed more overhaul.

“The dirt looked just as bad as the weeds and old grass,” she said.

Finally, this summer she called a few different landscaping companies for help with the effort she called “Project Bark”. After coordinating the various components of the project, she hired WyoTech volunteers to push the effort to the finish line.

“Without her we would not have made it. There was no way, ”she said.

Katy Kunkleman, WyoTech’s student services coordinator, said that students in their classes receive additional recognition for volunteering in the community.

“Anyone who calls – if we can help, we will,” she said.

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