We’re open special: landscaping and interior designer

(WETM) – Peter Lowman owns a landscaping company. Like many business owners, he was forced to hold most of his business on hold at the height of the pandemic.

“I had no idea how long it would take to shutdown because 70% of my business is installation and design. 30% mow, ”says Lowman. “Mowing was not affected as we were outdoors where I and other landscapers were affected, the nurseries were closed. So I usually start at the end of May, I help people, I buy my stocks … I couldn’t do anything until midsummer because of the restrictions because New York State bangs us … can’t do anything. ”

But even with the uncertainty he faced with his business, it wasn’t his first concern. “My main concern, not my business. It was my friends and family who made sure everyone stayed safe. Everyone did what they were supposed to do because they did. It was tragic, ”says Lowman.

He believed that Covid-19 would be managed and life would eventually return to normal. “I knew we would be back and I knew the virus would come under control.” How has business been since you came back?
Lowman says it’s “crazy. Crazy. It’s extremely busy, the busiest year I’ve ever had. ”

The business was so crazy that he has a hard time explaining why. “I don’t know if they would be a pandemic because they couldn’t spend money, but people seem to have money and they want to work on their properties.”

He’s not the only one. Todd Yoggy is an interior designer who immediately saw the business move! “I went from zero to 100 all of a sudden, you know, people got locked up at home and they focused on all the things they wanted to do, they are in their house more than ever and they walk around and say oh, we have to do this kitchen or we have to modernize this bathroom and all that, that combination of time with the people at home, it was like everything at home once everyone called, ”says Yoggy.

The best part is that he was able to work with more local customers. “I got great jobs on site that I would never have expected. It feels good to be able to work here because I usually can’t work at home, I always travel for my work. “

Like many small business owners, both Lowman and Yoggy look forward to the business boom continuing. Lowman says, “We’re relaxing and everything is fabulous and busier than ever.”

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