W&G Landscaping celebrates 25 years

From a single pickup truck and a small square of land to 20 acres, a complete fleet and the purchase of a bucket list excavator.

W&G Landscaping began in 1996 with Waldemar Mikolajczyk renting a small 40’x40 ‘lot on 20 acres in Bobcaygeon, Ontario.

After taking a cash advance to buy his first pickup truck, Waldemar started lawn maintenance and worked hard in hopes of growing the business.

“The biggest challenge at the beginning would be the limitation to the size and performance of many projects that we could take on due to the size of our equipment and our crews.”

Soon after, the hard work paid off and he was able to purchase his first heavy piece of equipment. “My first machine was a Kubota B21, a small backhoe loader. That was a step into the next level, ”said Waldemar.

This next level should offer additional services to Bobcaygeon and the surrounding area, such as: B. the installation and repair of septic tanks, softscaping, hardscaping and excavations.

W&G Landscaping not only got to this next level, they surpassed it and didn’t look back.

“We started with the goal of one day growing into a large excavator and operator company, and we haven’t stopped yet. Day by day we are bigger and better than ever before ”, Waldemar continues.

As the company grew, Waldemar rented more and more of the 20 hectares until he finally made the decision to buy the entire property. This property became a commercial park with a 4,000 m² shop with an office and a large showroom.

From Bobcaygeon, W&G had many homeowners looking to purchase small quantities of landscaping supplies.

Bobcaygeon and the surrounding area have significant homeowner demand for landscaping and excavation. W&G took full advantage and word got around about the quality of their work.

“Only last year in Crystal Lake it seemed as if every second house within a distance of five kilometers had one of our signs in front of the door,” says Arthur Mikolajczyk, son of Waldemar and general manager of the company.

Keep it in the family

Arthur and Waldemar Mikolajczyk stand in front of their Liebherr compact excavator 920

Waldemar decided early in his life to run his own business. Growing up on a farm, he gained some experience working with machines that led him to find his fulfillment in owning a landscaping and excavation company.

Arthur grew up with his father’s company and also developed this passion for machines.

“We are a family-oriented company. Arthur has been with us since childhood and his interest in this type of equipment has given him the opportunity to become a top notch operator which is a huge asset to us, ”said Waldemar.


Purchase of a Liebherr R920

Liebherr compact excavator 920 in action, moving the ground

In 2020, Waldemar and Arthur decided that W&G Landscaping needed a powerful and versatile machine with so much excavation, earth moving and masonry work going on.

You decided to buy a Liebherr R920 crawler excavator. The importance of this purchase was immense for the company. From the hassle of buying a pickup truck in 1996 to buying a brand new top of the line machine, it was obvious that W&G Landscaping and the family at their core had really made a name for themselves.

One of the machine’s selling points was that Liebherr was able to pack an operating weight of almost 47,000 lbs and 150 hp into a machine with a very compact profile. Working in huts, on steep slopes and in densely wooded areas is made easier with the R920. relieved

“You can get on any type of construction site. Tight construction sites are a big part of what we do, and the ability to work in tight spaces really sets it apart from other machines, ”explains Arthur.

“As a child there were a lot of Liebherrs and I knew that I always wanted one. It was on my bucket list, ”said Waldemar.

With its black paintwork and tinted windows, the R920 from W&G is unique. “We get compliments for this machine everywhere,” says Arthur.

As he watched his son operate the R920, Waldemar said with a smile: “If you mix this machine with a good driver, you will be delighted.”

The next 25 years of W&G landscaping

Even after all the success and the purchase of his bucket list item, the R920, Waldemar does not plan to slow down.

“In 25 years we will focus on being one of the largest excavation contractors in the region, specializing in high quality landscaping and excavation work. We plan to grow and expand to work on civil projects and continue to run a world class excavation company. We will always add new machines to our fleet, because you never know which machines you will need next, ”explains Waldemar.

“Our new excavator was the icing on the cake this year.”

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