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Sustainable landscaping is not just about greenery and trees.

Yap Nga Tuan, Design Director at Praxcis, who specializes in landscape architecture, says that landscape design and planning must be viewed holistically. Sustainable landscape has to integrate ecology, influence the development character, protect the environment, lower the ambient temperature, work with low carbon consumption, increase the oxygen yield and create potential recreational opportunities.

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Recently, developers seem to have taken into account the need to think about sustainable landscaping from the start and consider the natural makeup of the site when planning their project, according to Yap.

“A developer invited me to give a lecture to his home buyers to encourage and encourage budding environmentalists – to think about preserving the natural landscape that already exists there,” she adds.

Yap also notes that there is a growing demand for designs to complement the existing website rather than transforming it into something entirely new.

“As landscape architects, it is also our responsibility to inform stakeholders about what it means to create sustainable landscape design and what benefits we can derive from it. It is also our job to be environmentalists. It’s not just about creating a landscape scene, ”she emphasizes.

Dr. Assoc Prof. LAr Dr. Nor Atiah Ismail, Vice President of the Institute for Landscape Architects in Malaysia, notes that landscape is still one of the final priorities in the project planning phase, often viewed as unimportant and neglected.

“Ideally, everyone involved in the project (owners, architects, engineers, contractors, etc.) should be brought together before the design process begins. The design process can be fully collaborative, with all parties providing valuable input based on their respective expertise. The reality, however, is that this collaboration rarely happens, especially on smaller projects, ”she says.

Atiah is also not a judge for the Sustainable Landscape Awards 2021 from EdgeProp-ILAM Malaysia. This distinction is a feature of EdgeProp Malaysia’s Best Managed & Sustainable Property Awards, which were designed in 2017 to recognize sustainable and well managed properties.

The aim of the awards is to raise the bar on Malaysian property management practices and compare them to the best in class worldwide. The main judge of the awards is the Editor-in-Chief and General Manager of EdgeProp Malaysia, Au Foong Yee.

Nor does Atiah say that sustainable development is defined as development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

“The concept of needs goes beyond mere material needs, but includes values, relationships, the freedom to think, act, and participate, all of which equates morally and spiritually to a sustainable life,” says Nor Atiah, adding that some are substantial Real estate developers have expressed concerns about incorporating sustainable landscape planning into their developments.

According to Yap von Praxcis, sustainable landscaping should meet all development and end-user needs and strike a balance between beauty, function, ambience and plant viability and maintenance.

She says sustainable landscaping is no longer overlooked when designing projects. Some projects have landscape as one of the main generators of a project because a building or space is not an isolated object or perception.

“Real estate developers are becoming more and more aware that sustainable landscaping is adhered to when planning a project. Awareness has grown and taken root, and more importantly, it’s a pragmatic need and developers are excited about it, ”Yap told EdgeProp.my, adding that it was a collection of the internal and external environment and the ambience that underpins the success of a project.

She also explains that sustainable landscaping brings both social and economic benefits to the built and natural environment.

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