What you need to know about the landscaping rocks in the City of Port Lavaca

It all came from a social media post about stones being thrown into the water in Bayfront Park.

May 11, 2021 1:28 p.m.

Ozzy Mora

Posted: May 11, 2021 1:28 pm

PORT LAVACA, Texas – A rocky situation brought a community together.

This is what the city of Port Lavaca said after a Facebook conversation that began with a post in which children threw stones into the water in Bayfront Park.

The original Facebook post in the Port Lavaca Listenens group has been removed.

The conversation sparked the idea of ​​a rock festival in the park.

Event coordinator Tania French from the city of Port Lavaca said the post sparked quite a conversation.

The rocks are actually landscaped rocks and are part of the Bayfront Improvement Project, valued at about $ 700,000, French said.

The project has completed the first phase and will soon start the second phase of the project.

The park has closed areas for some time, French said.

French also said that this is a project with a huge investment.

Landscaping alone is a $ 43,000 investment, she said.

“You have kids who are kids, and probably all of our kids were picking up rocks and doing something with rocks, but you also have this beautiful park and a lot of city investments,” said French. “To create this beautiful park, and if you throw those stones, that’s basically dollars going into the bay at the taxpayers’ expense … so we thought … how could we gamble?”

This is how the rock festival came to light.

The Rock Festival will have additional city guides who will educate and educate the community about the Bayfront project.

Sellers are welcome and the city will only ask for a donation of goods sold that help preserve the landscape rocks, French said.

The festival takes place on Saturday, May 15th at Bayfront Park.

All ages welcome.

The event starts at 5 p.m.

Kyla Amber Nicole, administrator of the Port Lavaca Listens Facebook group, said, “A lot of us are trying to make the area more beautiful and better.”

“I just think there are a lot more worries in Port Lavaca than some kids throwing stones in the water,” said Blaine Kelley, a member of the Facebook group. “Let them enjoy the outdoors and have a little fun.”

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