Woman Gets Sexist Reply After Applying For Landscaping Job: PHOTOS

After a woman named Charlotte applied for a landscaping job that matched her level of experience, she received an unexpected sexist response.

Charlotte clapped back in a scalding email, however.

Her brother posted on Twitter so everyone could see the first response from the employer, which – despite Charlotte’s experience – suggested that her gender made her unable to handle the physical demands.

Then her trouble added Charlotte’s answer.

The email my sister got from a job at a landscaping company she applied for vs. the one she sent back 💀 https://t.co/W9LSjyXrBP

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Employer Mark’s email became problematic when he made an unnecessary remark in which he ignored her previous job and made assumptions about her being female.

@ dzzzny / Twitter

He wrote:

“If you’re not a bodybuilder, I’m afraid you can’t handle the workload.”

Before adding again, the job was “very physically demanding” but contacting him to see if Charlotte was actually “ready for it”.

The point Mark lost seemed to be the list of previous work she put on her application before he thought his email was a good idea.

Charlotte replied to his email in the same way, saying that because of Mark’s response, she was no longer interested and his sexist attitude down a bit … or two.

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In her response, she highlighted a few key points.

“Funnily enough, I probably have as much bodybuilding experience as you, which I suspect it isn’t.”

She added her years of experience in the Australian heat.

“What I have is years of experience in landscaping and also in building training walls in 40 degrees heat [104F] as I did for many years while living in Australia. ”

When she withdrew her interest in the company, she gave her reasoning.

“What I find challenging, however, is working with small-minded people like you who I could probably bench press five minutes after waking up from a three-year coma.”

She signed the email “Charlotte (AKA not the bodybuilder).”

Twitter was wild about her hilarious, pointed response to Muscle Mark’s initial supportive response to her application.

@dzzzny What is extremely worrying is the number of people who really consider Mark’s email to be respectful

– Katie Minns ️‍🌈 (@Katie Minns 🏳️‍🌈) 1627643196.0

@chellerr @dzzzny people who do this are the worst. I work in a pub. My boss is female, I am the oldest “male” on site … https://t.co/aaL3rdZaFS

– Kriss (@Kriss) 1627636244.0

@dzzzny You could @sue for gender discrimination. It’s all in writing. File at least one complaint with the EEOC.

-blkupnme (@blkupnme) 1627604485.0

@karterrrrrrrr @dzzzny Literally the best part, I knew it was going to burn afterwards

– Selima Tate (@Selima Tate) 1627623263.0

@dzzzny Bruh anyone who says “he just informed them of the rigor of the work 😭” ignores the fact that SHE is applying … https://t.co/cAOqJSb4bj

– Justini 🐞 (@Justini 🐞) 1627650817.0

@dzzzny So annoying ….. I had a guy who said and acted so stunned that “my husband” didn’t discuss things with him (like … https://t.co/3sDZuVnNYh

-Chelle (@Chelle) 1627627746.0

@ SpaceBandido8 @blkupnme @dzzzny What he said suggested his bias. They don’t question the strength of what a person can do … https://t.co/RXQszgxYBc

– Great Wulf-Rat Warren (@Great Wulf-Rat Warren) 1627655292.0

While the emails caused some laughs, sexism in the workplace is serious, widespread, and not laughable.

It has no place in our society.

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