Woman hit with sexist comment after she applied for landscaping job – but she replies in the best way

A woman who was hit by a sexist reaction after applying for a job as a landscaper has responded in the most brilliant way possible.

The woman’s brother shared the exchange on Twitter in which a company member named Mark claimed she was unable to handle the job.

“If you’re not a bodybuilder, I’m afraid you can’t handle the workload,” he wrote.

He added that the job was “very physical and demanding,” but advised her to contact them again when she was “ready for it.”

The woman, Charlotte, replied that because of his reaction, she was no longer interested in the position. She said, “Funnily enough, I probably have as much bodybuilding experience as you, which I suspect it isn’t.”

She went on to describe her many years of experience, including building in Australia, “in 40 degrees heat” to point out the shortcomings in Mark’s points.

She added, “I took a look at your company before sending this email and assure you that it wouldn’t be any more difficult than the work I completed before as it was of a much higher standard than that Work I’ve seen in your company. to produce.”

She said she didn’t want to work with “little people like you who I could probably bench press five minutes after waking up from a three-year coma”.

She concluded, “I am sure that the next time you visit the bodybuilding convention, you will have no problem finding the right person.” Before you unsubscribe from the email as “Charlotte (AKA not the body builder)”.

When they replied to her, people on social media found her answer brilliant:


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