Woman Slaps Down Belittling Response To Her Landscaping Job Application

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A woman who applied for a landscaping job received a sexist and disparaging response and sent back a hilariously violent response.

Twitter user @dzzzny used the platform to post screenshots of an email his sister Charlotte received in response to her application for a job in landscaping.

Charlotte received the answer to her application from company member Mark on the evening of July 29th.

And while it may be 2021, Mark seems stuck in the dark age as women don’t seem competent enough to do a landscaping job.

The tweet has garnered over 136,000 likes, 14,500 retweets, and 322 comments since then, at the time of writing.

Mark wrote back to Charlotte thanking her for her interest in the position and for making contact. Despite the open position, he said, “If you’re not a bodybuilder, I’m afraid you can’t handle the workload.”

Mark’s explanation for this “fear” was that the job is “very physical and demanding as we are tough landscapers”. However, Mark still offered to contact Charlotte on his cell phone number if she felt she was “ready”.

His reaction was not so well received by Charlotte, who clapped back on Mark in the cheekiest and best possible way.

Charlotte began her response to ‘Muscle Mark’ by thanking him for his quick response. She quickly disproved his bodybuilding remarks, however: “Funnily enough, I probably have as much bodybuilding experience as you, which I suspect is not.”

She went on to describe her many years of experience, including building in Australia, “in 40 degrees heat” to point out the shortcomings in Mark’s points.

Charlotte compared her previous experiences and skills with Mark’s company after doing more research. She said, “I took a look at your company before sending this email and assure you it wouldn’t be more difficult than the work I completed before as it was of a much higher standard than the work that I saw in your “company”. to produce.’

Due to Mark’s condescending response to her question about the role, Charlotte said she was no longer interested in the position because she did not want to work with “small-minded people like you who I could bench press with probably five minutes after waking up.” from a three year coma. ‘

She concluded, “I am sure that the next time you visit the bodybuilding convention, you will have no problem finding the right person.” Before you unsubscribe from the email as “Charlotte (AKA not the body builder)”.

Twitter users flocked to the comments to show their support for Charlotte. One wrote: “She could sue for gender discrimination. It’s all in writing. Make at least one complaint to the EEOC. ‘

Disappointing but not surprising.

I’m a woman and I did garden maintenance in a cemetery, I was one of the hardest workers they had. I literally did any job in any weather and helped the others with their work after I was done.

In my first week, I heard one of the guys whisper behind my back that I was just showing off that I could work hard, apparently with the expectation that I wouldn’t / couldn’t keep it up. But I did and they loved me when I went away to be a carpenter.

Muscle sign is an idiot sign.

A third tweeted, “Good for you, that was wild, I understand they need to verify that someone is able to do the job, but if you go through their email their work history should prove that, if Had he asked about her résumé or something, he didn’t need to be so condescending in his answer. ‘

Well, if there are any landscaping companies that value all workers, regardless of age, gender, or physique, then Charlotte’s response to “Muscle Mark” seems like the perfect cover letter for a more suitable employer.

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