Woman’s sassy reply to ‘sexist’ landscaping job snub has people in stitches

A woman’s response to a landscaping job snub has gone viral online via her naughty email response.

The woman named Charlotte applied for the position after years of experience in the industry.

However, the recruiter, named Mark, said he feared that unless she was a bodybuilder, she would not be up to the “physical” and “demanding” job.

Charlotte certainly did not take the diss lying down.

Mark and Charlotte’s emails were shared by their brother Dan and his 4,620 Twitter followers.

However, the post soon went viral as people shared their opinions on the exchange.

The first email from Mark read: “Good evening Charlotte. Thank you for your interest in the position and for contacting us, the position is still open.

Her brother shared her email exchanges with the recruiter on Twitter

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“But if you’re not a bodybuilder, I’m afraid you can’t handle the workload.

“Because it’s very physical and strenuous since we’re a tough landscaping company.

“If you feel you are ready to do this, please feel free to contact me at the number below.”

Charlotte’s answer was then: “Hello Muscle Mark, thanks for your quick reply.

“Funnily enough, I probably have as much bodybuilding experience as you, which I suspect isn’t.

The woman's cheeky response to the “sexist” landscaping job snub has left people in the lurch

The guy said he feared she wouldn’t be up to the “physical” and “strenuous” job

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“What I have is years of landscaping experience and also building retaining walls in 40 degree heat like I did for many years when I lived in Australia.

“I took a look at your company before sending this email and I assure you it wouldn’t be any more difficult than the work I completed before as it was of a much higher standard than the work I did seen from your “company”.

“What I find challenging, however, is working with small minded people like you who I could probably bench press 5 minutes after waking up from a 3 year old coma, so I’m no longer interested in this position.

The woman's cheeky response to the “sexist” landscaping job snub has left people in the lurch

Charlotte told Muscle Mark that he was a “small-minded person”

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“I am sure that the next time you visit the bodybuilding convention, you will have no problem finding the right person.

“Greetings, Charlotte (AKA not the bodybuilder).

The post has now collected more than 92,000 retweets and 855,000 likes.

Many loved Charlotte’s response when one social media user called her an “icon” while another added, “A verbal slut slapped by the gods.”

A third stepped in too and said, “F ** k you, Muscle Mark.”

While a fourth added, “She read it for dirt.”

Even so, some people didn’t think his answer was correct.

One person argued, “I love the way she turns down the very same company she applied to lmao. No man would have been so offended if he said the same to you.”

But others responded with a saying: “She knows because she is a woman and this is the kind of sexism we face every day of our lives. Thanks for trying mansplaining …”

Another added, “What is extremely worrying is the number of people who really consider Mark’s email to be respectful.”

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