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For Angel Montoy, the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and the massive impact it was having on businesses scared him because he was concerned about one thing – his employees and their families.

“Of course I was worried about my family too, but since all these people work for me and all these families depend on Montoy’s care, I was worried at first,” says Montoy.

Montoy owns Montoy’s Landscaping, a woodland-based company that is often hired to help with city projects or by residents looking to repair or modify their backyards. The company was fortunate to actually see increased demand for its services during the pandemic.

“When we started getting calls and getting jobs, I felt blessed to be able to help them and of course my clients,” he said.

Montoy’s son Luis said it was a great feeling that they didn’t lose a business.

“We predicted it would have gone down because customers didn’t want to contact anyone,” he said.

Luis explained that much of the jobs they received were related to extreme weather conditions, such as wind blowing around fences.

“When we started working on these houses, a lot of neighbors saw us working on these houses and took our information from all the trucks or the neighbors,” said Luis. “There were also a lot of people who wanted to put their backyards in order as they now had a lot of time at home.”

Beto Montoy, manager of the company and nephew of Angel Montoy, said he thank God for employing them and giving them work. He also highlighted how different his uncle is from other bosses because he cares about his employees.

“What sets him apart from other bosses is that he is very worried about his boys every day,” says Beto. “He always hoped there would be enough work during the pandemic, and there was. We were busy, super busy. “

Montoy has 11 employees working for him and he was able to make sure that each of them had jobs and could support his families.

Luis Jimenez is one of his co-workers and said he enjoys working for Montoy’s Landscaping. He has worked for Montoy since the company started.

“I was very happy to have a job during the pandemic,” Jimenez said in Spanish. “I’ve heard other people have lost their jobs or only worked a day or two a week. Thank goodness we were able to work during the pandemic. “

Jimenez said he felt like part of the family while working at Montoy’s Landscaping, largely because he worked with Montoy before he started his business.

“I feel like I did what I should be doing to take care of my boys and their families,” said Montoy.

Montoy moved his family from Jalisco, Mexico to California in 1997 when he was only 17 years old. They moved from Davis to Woodland in 1998, where he got his first landscaping job at Dumars Landscaping after spending some time at McDonald’s.

“I fell in love with it. As soon as we’re all done and we see the smile on the customer’s face and they say, ‘This is more than I expected,’ that’s my salary.

He opened Montoy’s Landscaping in 2015 after working for Dumars Landscaping for nearly two decades.

“Dumars is a very important part of my life because I grew up with them,” said Montoy. “I came to them when I was 18 and basically learned everything I know from them. I’m here of course for all the work I’ve put into it, but I think Dumars has been a very important part of my life, being where I am right now. “

Bruce Dumar was Montoy’s boss and said Montoy was always a hardworking person who asked a lot of questions.

“He was a quick learner and asked a lot of questions, even though a lot of people were afraid to ask things,” recalled Dumar. “I am proud of him and feel good to know that he is fine.”

Montoy said his landscaping business is a family business because he has two sons, Luis and Omar Montoy, and his nephew Beto work for him.

“[My sons] were with me from the start, then Beto came over and helped us, ”said Montoy. “I’m trying to teach them everything I know so that one day they can follow my steps and take over the company.”

He said he also made his sons part-owners of the company by giving them 15% of the shares each.

Luis is responsible for most of the business aspects of the company, arranging appointments and being the main point of contact for customers.

“It was a useful skill, especially in the career I’m looking to get into,” he said.

Luis is currently studying criminal justice and believes and says that by working for his father he “acquired useful skills, especially career-wise”. [he wants] enter.”

He also said that spending a lot more time with his father was great because he believes time is important.

Beto enjoys working for his uncle because he loves creating things that people will love.

“We are happy to help make the customer’s dream of his garden come true,” he emphasized.

Beto said, “It’s something very beautiful” when customers see their new shipyards and say that it is more than they imagined.

Montoy’s Landscaping has done a lot of work since its inception six years ago that many Woodland residents likely see on a daily basis. Some of their projects include landscaping for the new Yolo Food Bank building, Yolo Fliers Golf Club, Edible Learning Garden, and bee-friendly plants they’ve planted along Main Street.

Montoy said the company had already been hired for several other jobs, including Woodland Regional Park.

To rent Montoy’s Landscaping for projects call (530) 867-2332 or email info@montoyslandscaping.com. They are open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

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