Yeovil Western Corridor landscaping company given £288,000 to build school transport depot in Bridgwater

The company tasked with improving the appearance of Yeovil’s western corridor has won a six-figure contract to build a new depot for Somerset’s school transport vehicles.

Somerset Landscapes Ltd. based in Yeovil is currently receiving just over £ 214,000 from Somerset County Council for ongoing landscaping work on Yeovil’s main street plan. The contract runs until 2026.

The local council granted planning permission in February to convert a vacant lot near the Bridgwater recycling center into a new depot for its school buses and coaches.

Somerset Landscapes has now been awarded the contract to build the new depot at a cost of £ 288,275.

Information on both contracts was published on the Bid Stats website. The new depot is expected to be delivered within four and a half months.

The depot allows the local council to store its coaches and minibuses during the school day when they are not being used to pick up and drop off students.

Joined Somerset County Council’s proposed school transport base on Saltlands Avenue in Bridgwater

The current base of vehicles – the Morgan House and the former library complex on Mount Street in downtown Bridgwater – is too small for the council’s current needs.

The new depot – east of the Saltlands recycling center on the A39 Western Way – was given the go-ahead by the council’s regulatory committee in early February.

The Mount Street complex will be converted into a total of 33 new apartments and houses after plans by Bridgwater-based developer Axeus Group Ltd were approved by Sedgemoor District Council in late March.

In early February, Alderman John Parham said the location of the depot near the recycling center would not lead to a dangerous increase in traffic as the school vehicles are only used at certain times of the day.

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He said, “If you look at the traffic, there are 40 vehicles entering and exiting a relatively busy area twice a day. I don’t think that’s a major problem.”

The county council is currently examining the possibility of building a new solar park near the Saltlands site with more than £ 3m in its capital budget approved in February.

So far, however, plans for a solar park at a location in the immediate vicinity have not been submitted to the district or the municipal council.

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